Sunday, October 16

Oh Yes, We Have Pumpkin Pictures

My mom got a little nervous last week when I posted apple picking pictures, because although Fall apple pictures are cute, she was afraid I might have forgotten about babies and Fall pumpkins and how they're a marriage meant to be.

Because my mom is not so fond of the internet, little does she know that Facebook walls and blogs are filled with pumpkin patch pictures right now.  She should know I wasn't going to let Bella miss her chance to join the masses.  C'mon, Mom.

And so, Bella dedicates this picture to Nana:
Hi Nana!  And Papa, and Gigi, and Poppi... and all you others out there who wuv me!

And just guess where this pumpkin patch was hanging out in the middle of?

In Virginia, smack dab in the middle of the Shenandoahs. Nice!  And yes, those are apple trees you see there that we picked yet even more apples from.  We are swimming in apples in our little home right now.

So as exciting as that view was- and as fun as apples and pumpkins are- I have to say that the stinky, gigantic, muddy beast of a cow hanging out on the farm was definitely Bella's favorite part.

When Bella first laid eyes on this beast, she couldn't contain herself.  She "mooo-ed". A whole lot. It was one of those awesome moments in early mothering where you feel like you know exactly what your child is trying to communicate: Cows rock my world.

Some children giggle and squeal when they're around animals.  My child gets this intense determination in her eyes, and she is suddenly all business.  Did I mention this cow was gigantic?  Maybe the biggest I've ever seen. I was totally scared.  Bella however, was ready to take him down.

Okay, okay.  More pumpkin pics!

That little hand Bella does on the bottom right we like to call her Italian hand.  She loves holding up her hand and shaking it like she's saying, "Mamma Mia!" I don't know where she could have gotten that habit from.

Speaking of Italians, Daddy couldn't join us on this adventure since he was traveling for the weekend. So no pics with him this time around. Bummer.

But Mamma Mia loves her Bella!

Oops!  Looks like it's time to go home.  Somebody is all pumpkin-ed out!  

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  1. Love this post and the nod to your mom's anti-internet stance.