Thursday, October 20

More Pumpkins, No Apologies

Last night, I received pictures from friends we joined for our Fall Festival adventure this past weekend.  What can I say?  Their pictures are just so much better than mine.  I can't help but share a few.

And so... more pumpkin pics!

I've been waiting to capture this expression on camera!  Mission accomplished!

Melt my heart.

 A great picture of mommy taking a picture that won't compare to these awesome pictures.

Proof that we're not completely brainwashing our child with all things cow.  I mean, she does have a promising future with Chick Fil A, but we think she can appreciate goats, too.

 I dedicate this picture to Amy.  Sorry you're missing it.

Peek a boo!

All right.  I'll stop here.  Pumpkin pics are officially done, and now we can all turn our eyes toward Halloween costume pics.

Goats have freaky looking eyes.  Cows are so much cooler.

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  1. OMG! That is an extremely cute baby! Especially the 'expression' that you her!