Tuesday, October 4

Anniversary Tea for Two!

Yesterday, Mike and I celebrated TWO years of marriage.  Yay!  We made it!  As my mom and a few others said, "It's only been two years?"  I know.  A lot has happened to us in two years.  

All the more reason to celebrate!

Mike began the day by waking me up with Georgia and Texas biscuits served on a "WE are special today" red plate.  Ha!  Georgia suffered from some Texas pride before I took this picture. :)

Bella celebrated by asking for "more" cheerios.  She's getting really good at her sign language.  But she kind of asks for more of everything.  More food, more toys, more of me, etc.  I think I've created a monster.

After breakfast, she proceeded to perform a knife show for us in the dishwasher.  Come to find out you don't get to take a break from parenting on your anniversary.

Then, Mike was all romantic and left me this note as he rushed to his busy Monday.  Tea for two?!  At the Mayflower?! Yes, please!

A tea party anniversary, complete with champagne!  Mike really has come so far in only two years. I think mountains are in our future for next year. (Sorry, even the fanciest of waiters always take fuzzy pictures.)

But may I just point out that Mike loved the clotted cream?

Mike brought pictures from the last two years to our tea, and we had so much fun going over all the Lord has done in such a short time.  It's such a great thing to step back and take a look at the big picture in a marriage.  Remembering God's specific faithfulness to us left us encouraged and looking forward to the years ahead.

But then, our coach turned in to a pumpkin.

Or perhaps I should say that our child turned in to a gremlin.  A special thanks to our dear friend Jennifer for helping us celebrate!

It's been a wonderful two years full of love and trials and joy and new life!  So much of our conversation these past few days has revolved around all the friends and family that made our wedding and these last two years of marriage and parenting a real success.  We are so thankful and truly indebted to you all.  

Let the fun continue!

Oh wait!  Just one more very important thing about today.  A special Happy Birthday to my mother in law, Gigi!
I love celebrating you right around our anniversary because you gave me such a wonderful husband in your son.  So thankful for your life and how it blesses our marriage.  Happy Birthday!!


  1. this! makes! me! so! happy!

    super points to mike for the fancy date. love you guys!

  2. The tea was such a sweet idea!

  3. Oh, this is just lovely. Happy anniversary!