Monday, September 12

Remembering 9/11

I don't know how others spent their weekend, but Mike and I spent a good bit of the weekend camped out on our couch watching 9/11 documentaries and memorial ceremonies.  We felt like the bulk of what we watched and heard was so well done and really honored the lives that were taken on that horrific day.

This was our small contribution to the day:

It was surprisingly emotional to hang our flag together.  It took us right back to the feelings felt right after 9/11 when flags appeared on countless windows and porches.  We really are so proud to stand for freedom and so grateful to be Americans.

On a related side note, remember what our porch looked like at the beginning of the summer?  Not only did our plants survive the end of summer heat, but they have really taken off this summer!  I've loved cooking with all our own herbs, and I'm so glad I married a green thumb.  He teaches me so much... you know, like a plant's need for water.  Seriously.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a sweet time remembering this past weekend.  

Now back to my kiddo...

Oops!  She's not really in to documentaries or hanging flags just yet.  But she loves hair product!

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