Tuesday, January 24

Lost in Translation & Loving It

So, Bella has started talking.  Sure, she says things like "up" and "hi" and "cheeeeese(?)", but when I say she has started talking, what I mean is that she has this language that only she knows, and she's serious about it.  This language- which is a mix between cute and crazy and just plain loud- has taken over our household.  It has taken over our dinners, our Bible study group (who gave it their best shot at talking over her last night), and yes, even nap time:

So, what do you think she's saying?

I just love how her best shot at "boo!" sounds like a mouth explosion.  Oh, and her hair... naps do such a wonderful number on that head full of hair.

I find I'm smiling and laughing more in these days of parenting.  It just keeps getting better and better.

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